About Journal

1) It solicits and Publishes Articles presenting original research in the areas of society, politics and history. The first issue is dedicated to each year Ancient History and Classical Society, England society, the second and fourth to Medieval and Modern History. Articles can be written for publication in French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish and Italian. All submissions will Be Assessed by an international review committee. From the foundation icts Review has-beens most importantly the periodical dealing with this sector of the Humanities in England. With contributions from scholars across the world is the Journal Counted Among the major periodicals in field ict, with a truly international reputation. The TNHSN has aussi disponible lately thematically issues. Scholars Who Would like to propose a thematic issue to the TNHSN are invited to contact the directors.

2) It bibliographical Publishes Articles Assessing and synthesizing current scholarly opinion is philological and historical matters, and review products and shorting reviews of recent publications. To this end the Maintains an extensive critical review and scholarly correspondence with universities, research institutes and individual specialists in Europe and worldwide.

3) It publishes annually (since 2001) a bibliography of England History, an exhaustive work and research tool (comparable to the Annual Bibliography of History of France, published by the CNRS.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors Consists of the members of the Bureau of the Society for the Study of Society and Historical Progress, of the members of the Editorial Board of the TNHSN, and of the presidents and secretaries of the thematic departments of the Company.